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15th November 2009

Setting all time records

In some form, competition exists in all phases of our society and culture for all organizations and individuals. It is the fuel that drives our engines of accomplishment. And it figures that with measurements of success there will be records. That leads us to the Holy Grails of accomplishment  –  all time records.

In the world politics and government, all- time records are revered in some circles and new records are being set every day.  Take Prez Obama for example. First, he is setting and all time record for TV appearances.  Not a day goes by without spending time in front of the TV cameras, and at last count, none of his predecessors (even Bill Clinton) qualifies for second place.  One question is whether or not he is wearing out his welcome. Either that or else he suffers from self intoxication.

Second, he has set all time records for spending. There are 3 main  sources for money  —  printing more currency, borrowing, and higher taxes. The Treasury printing presses are in overdrive, China is our main source of borrowed funds and he has raised taxes on all of us with more to come.  All of this without much regard for paying back all of the huge commitments.

All- time records. Obama’s legacy to the next generation.

Not too long ago we were introduced to the term “Billions”. Now it is Trillions which is a number followed by twelve zeroes. Does he really care about the burden of “payback?”

TV time and spending. All- time records with more to come.

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10th November 2009

The Murderous Muslim Major

Shortly after invoking the Islamic prayer “Allah Akbhar” (God is Great) Major Hasan drew two hand guns and killed 13 people and wounded 29 others. All in the name of Allah. The do-gooders and others of the persuasion of Political Corrrectness say that the shooter suffered from lack of counseling. War related trauma. Try that on the families of the dead or dying victims. Here is a guy who thinks that suicide bombers are OK and places loyalty to Islam over loyalty to the USA or the Army. And he has tried to contact Al Queda leaders and recruiters. He bought hand guns and ammunition well in advance —- which he used at Ft Hood where he fired close to 100 shots. Not exactly a spur of the momen action. If he “snapped”, when did he snap? When he bought the guns?? Personally, I wish he had been killed by the four shots he received. And think about the hundreds and thousands of taxpayer dollars that will be spent for medical and legal expenses of his trial. In the end, he won’t be executed. It might make the Muslim leaders mad. But he will be remembered — while the 38 dead and wounded will be largely forgotten. For the Murderous Major it will be reduced to a long sentence that will at some point be commuted since the real defense will be inadequate counseling. That is the PC defense. And for the dead soldiers, Just another case of “Sorry buddy, wrong place, wrong time”.
The real culprits in this sad scenario are at Walter Reed Hospital. They Knew he was big trouble, but passed him off to Ft. Hood. That’s all a part of the PC solution.

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30th October 2009


George Bush was not a very popular President — at least as judged by most of the mass media. He suffered harsh criticism and even ridicule by some of the evening TV spokesmen. But he didn’t lash out at the media people or political spokesmen. He was not a whiner or an attack dog. He kept his cool with a statesman-like demeanor and a thick hide.
Not so with our current President who has a thin skin and a big ego. Obama thinks the role of the media is to praise his rhetoric and support his programs. To him, it is unthinkable for the media to question his programs, motives, or leadership.
Then along comes Fox news with a different take on his administration. They (Fox)have the temerity to question his leadership and his programs. He does not like to be labeled as Barack the Big spender, nor does he enjoy being accused of ducking tough decisions. His thin skin is showing puncture wounds that clever phrases can’t hide or disguise. So now he has declared war on Fox news.
I enjoy Fox — it is refreshing and it tackles areas that the Big Media passes over. Personally, I think Obama will rue the day he attacked the press — when some of the other guys will turn on him.
Can’t buy your way out of this one, and people are beginning to see thru the fancy words.
Score : Fox 3 Obama 1

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28th October 2009

No Kidding; it’s true

For the past 5-6 decades the print media in the USA included prominent daily newspapers from virtually every major city in the country. The Wall Street Journal had only a modest circulation among the New York City financial types and didn’t come close to circulation comparisons with the big City papers. Last week it was announced that the WSJ had passed USA Today and now has the widest and largest circulation of any newspaper in the country. I have subscribed to the WSJ for many years but I had no idea that it had grown that much. For many years I have been convinced that the editorial pages of the WSJ are the best in the US and it is gratifying to see that so many folks now have access the WSJ editorialists. In days of Obamanomics we need quality input to matters of National and International import. Personally, my breakfast consists of coffee, the WSJ and food — in that order. Who would ever have imagined that the WSJ could achieve such nationwide prominence without either a Comics section or a Sports page.
No kidding — it’s true. Maybe there is still hope to avoid the slide to socialism.

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23rd October 2009

Knowing the difference

It is World series time and thoughts can move from Obama’s grandiose spending programs to more mundane subjects like Afghanistan and our foreign policy (if we have one). I am reminded of a couple of sayings that would seem appropriate. In the world of baseball a particularly inept participant is one who doesn’t know the difference between his elbow and first base. In the world of politics, those in the slow lane just don’t seem to know the difference between a particular part of their anatomy from a hole in the ground ( borrowed from a barnyard expression). This seems to fit Omama and his “brain trust” as they spend week after week in trying to decide what to do in the Middle East. Is it brain picking or pooling ignorance?? I’ll try ot be kind. I don’t think they have the foggiest notion of what to do, and they are in the soup way over their heads. As citizens, I think we have every right to be very concerned about our country under his leadership. The only enemies he sees on the horizon are Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Pretty sad commentary. Will $250 be enough to pay for his lack of leadership? Not in this household.

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20th October 2009

Feeling hot or cold??

Ten -twenty years ago, Academicians were all concerned about the approach of some kind of mini-ice age  –  the prospect of global cooling.  And these theorems were strongly supported by some of the more pre-eminent scientists in the US.  Of course it all fizzled and then among came Al Gore. Now all the rage is global warming.   And you can just see Obama licking his chops at the prospect of  Cap and Trade to satisfy his Green buddies.  Congress will be starting the legislative (spending) process soon. In this day and age, what is another $100 Billion or so?

But aren’t we getting the cart before the horse. It seems to me that there are two separate threshold questions to be answered before we plunge off the deep end of the pool.  First, is the planet really warming, and if so, at what rate? Second, is the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere man induced or not?  If we can get consensus on Q 1 then we can proceed to Q2. But until we can sensibly agree on Q1, why should we contemplete major expenditures on Q 2? With a shaky economy, we don’t need another  big wild goose chase.  Is any big CO2  expenditure really prudent right now?  And what if we launch a huge spending program and the rest of the world says Ho-hum and good luck.

I do not have much confidence in our Prez when it come to spending $Trillions.

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20th October 2009


Gary Kasparov is not a household name in the USAas it is in much of the rest of the civilized world. He is a Russian intellectual author and the primary voice of the dissidents who oppose the policies and leadership of Vladimir Putin.  He is a contributor to the Wall St. Journal. His international fame rests on his having been  the International chess champion for several years.  But for his celebrity status he might well be languishing in a Russian Gulag somewhere in Siberia.

Here is his take on Mr.Obama.

” Like many Russians, I was encouraged by Mr Obama’s inspirational speech in Moscow last July, but he must know there is more to statesmanship than printing money making speeches.  Inflated rhetoric like inflated currency, can lead to disaster. The goodwill bubble Mt Obama is creating will burst unless there are real results soon.”   10/19/09

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7th October 2009

Thatcher on consensus

Twenty years ago, MargaretThatcher, the British Iron Lady offered some cogent comments about “consensus”.  She said, ” To me consensus seems to be to process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies in search of something in which no one believes but to which no one objects  —   the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner, ” I stand for consensus”?

Maybe we would only have had 9 colonies instead of 13.

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7th October 2009


During the next two weeks, Obama and his brain trust will be trying  to develop an Afghan strategy for the war which seems to be going badly or at least not good enough. It doesn’t seem all that long ago when the might Red Army of the USSR packed up their gear and walked away from Afghanistan. Their military defeat in large measure can be attributed to the Stinger missiles supplied to the Afghans by the USA. The Afghan defeat in part led to the disintegration of the old USSR.  Now we face the same dilemna as did the Russians. Do we get out or don’t we? Our military leaders want 40,000 more troops . Obama who is anything but a hawk is reluctant to make such a commitment in “his” war. So,  now we seek a”consensus”. Do we make a major commitment or don’t we?? One thing is for sure  –  the basis of whatever decision is reached will be based on the consensus.  It will not be an Obama decision. The soaring rhetoric has produced nothing and an inexperienced  Obama is in over his head. In short, he doesn’t know what to do. Keep looking for the word “we”. Brain picking is OK, But Harry Truman had it right, “The buck stops here”.

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16th September 2009

Zero sum total

Back in my growing up days, a favorite saying was “robbing Peter to Pay Paul”. No harm done, no winner and no loser.  Well, sort of. But now that old saying hs been converted into a political philosophy.  The Dems now champion the cause of  “share the wealth” and “Re-distribution of income” . They make it sound like a fair policy.  On the road to Socialism, what could be more fair, and certainly, Paul will not complain as long as Peter is paying the bills and providing the cash.   How close to outright theft is this nifty little slight of hand?  Does the graduated income tax follow the theme??  Sounds like it to me!!

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