Knowing the difference

23rd October 2009

Knowing the difference

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It is World series time and thoughts can move from Obama’s grandiose spending programs to more mundane subjects like Afghanistan and our foreign policy (if we have one). I am reminded of a couple of sayings that would seem appropriate. In the world of baseball a particularly inept participant is one who doesn’t know the difference between his elbow and first base. In the world of politics, those in the slow lane just don’t seem to know the difference between a particular part of their anatomy from a hole in the ground ( borrowed from a barnyard expression). This seems to fit Omama and his “brain trust” as they spend week after week in trying to decide what to do in the Middle East. Is it brain picking or pooling ignorance?? I’ll try ot be kind. I don’t think they have the foggiest notion of what to do, and they are in the soup way over their heads. As citizens, I think we have every right to be very concerned about our country under his leadership. The only enemies he sees on the horizon are Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Pretty sad commentary. Will $250 be enough to pay for his lack of leadership? Not in this household.

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