Setting all time records

15th November 2009

Setting all time records

In some form, competition exists in all phases of our society and culture for all organizations and individuals. It is the fuel that drives our engines of accomplishment. And it figures that with measurements of success there will be records. That leads us to the Holy Grails of accomplishment  –  all time records.

In the world politics and government, all- time records are revered in some circles and new records are being set every day.  Take Prez Obama for example. First, he is setting and all time record for TV appearances.  Not a day goes by without spending time in front of the TV cameras, and at last count, none of his predecessors (even Bill Clinton) qualifies for second place.  One question is whether or not he is wearing out his welcome. Either that or else he suffers from self intoxication.

Second, he has set all time records for spending. There are 3 main  sources for money  —  printing more currency, borrowing, and higher taxes. The Treasury printing presses are in overdrive, China is our main source of borrowed funds and he has raised taxes on all of us with more to come.  All of this without much regard for paying back all of the huge commitments.

All- time records. Obama’s legacy to the next generation.

Not too long ago we were introduced to the term “Billions”. Now it is Trillions which is a number followed by twelve zeroes. Does he really care about the burden of “payback?”

TV time and spending. All- time records with more to come.

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10th November 2009

The Murderous Muslim Major

Shortly after invoking the Islamic prayer “Allah Akbhar” (God is Great) Major Hasan drew two hand guns and killed 13 people and wounded 29 others. All in the name of Allah. The do-gooders and others of the persuasion of Political Corrrectness say that the shooter suffered from lack of counseling. War related trauma. Try that on the families of the dead or dying victims. Here is a guy who thinks that suicide bombers are OK and places loyalty to Islam over loyalty to the USA or the Army. And he has tried to contact Al Queda leaders and recruiters. He bought hand guns and ammunition well in advance —- which he used at Ft Hood where he fired close to 100 shots. Not exactly a spur of the momen action. If he “snapped”, when did he snap? When he bought the guns?? Personally, I wish he had been killed by the four shots he received. And think about the hundreds and thousands of taxpayer dollars that will be spent for medical and legal expenses of his trial. In the end, he won’t be executed. It might make the Muslim leaders mad. But he will be remembered — while the 38 dead and wounded will be largely forgotten. For the Murderous Major it will be reduced to a long sentence that will at some point be commuted since the real defense will be inadequate counseling. That is the PC defense. And for the dead soldiers, Just another case of “Sorry buddy, wrong place, wrong time”.
The real culprits in this sad scenario are at Walter Reed Hospital. They Knew he was big trouble, but passed him off to Ft. Hood. That’s all a part of the PC solution.

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