31st December 2009


As the unemployment level rose beyond 7% back in 2008, the Obama administration identified it as a major priority for strong Federal action. Nobody looked upon high unemployment as being acceptable  — even on a short term basis. Hence, the Stimulus Bill  –  almost  a $800 Billion  — aimed at creating private sector jobs on projects dubbed “shovel ready”.  But instead of dropping, unemployment rose to more than 10% and has stayed there. By any math model, the Stimulus program has been a colossal failure  –  a total flop. In order to buttress their contentions of success, the numerical scorekeeping by Democrats has been downright laughable. Now the Prez wants to take the unspent money and spend it on do-gooder government projects.  No more discussions about shovel ready.

Virtually all economists agree that the real engine of job creation is in the small business private sector of the economy –  not the  public sector. All the private sector gets is more burdensome regulations and higher taxes.  We might ask Mr Obama, “Exactly what are you trying to fix??”

This assumes that he has some kind of plan. Not very clear to me.

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11th December 2009


Back in the days of the cold war there was a favorite term used to describe politicians who equivocated or vacillated on key issues in dealing with the USSR.  These are the folks who talked tough and then hid from the hard facts that could not be ignored. They said all of the right things and were very “hawk-like” until it came to decision time. Then they “chickened out”.  Hence came the term “chicken hawks “.

In watching our Prez and listening to his rhetoric, I think it is time to dust off the chicken hawk nomenclature and pin a badge of feathers on his lapel. When the first duty of  the President is to secure the welfare of the country and its citizens it is not too comforting to have a chicken hawk sitting in the White House.

Back in the 60s and 70s the chicken hawks were confident that we could negotiate our way around, through, or over any international issue.  Sound familiar?? All we need is a good microphone and sound batteries. Obama might think that the verbal skills of Churchill and FDR made all the difference in winning WWII.  Sure,  —that plus the willingness to commit an Army, Navy and Air Force  —  and the decision  to use them.

Do you really think that we can pursuade the Iranians, Koreans, etc.,  to give up their nukes??  Why should they believe Obama?  Based on events to date, would you?? If we eventually have some kind of showdown, who will be the first to blink?  Maybe the Prez should check the oddsmakers in Las Vegas.

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4th December 2009


Sarah Palin arrived on the national political scene at the 2008 Republican Convention last fall and made an immediate impact on the political scene  –  particularly among women.The Obama camp was caught flat-footedand had an immediate strategy council meeting to decide what to do about Sarah. Almost immediately the game plan was to destroy Sarah.  With no holds barred, the targets were Sarah, her spouse, her family, her kids, her role as Governor of Alaska, her education, etc etc.  Anything and everything. The attack dogs of the major media were turned loose.  Simple objective  –  Destroy Sarah.

As a part-time stay at home political junkie, I have followed with interest the skirmishes between Sarah and the major media gurus over the past year, including the past 3 months in which she has re-emerged as a major voice on the national scene, to say nothing of her new book recently published with great success. While I understand the strategy of the Democrats,  the harshness and viciousness of the media assaults are hard to accept. She is attractive, well spoken, knowledgeable, and a far cry from the political destructiveness of the left wingers. Clearly, her messages have  resonated strongly with voters of all persuasions on the major issues of the day. Will she seek high office next year?  Probably not. Will she speak out to endorse candidates of her preferences?  Undoubtedly, yes.  Does she have political ambitions?  Yes, no doubt. Can she win the Presidency?  Doubtful. But she will be a powerful force in any national election, and the Democrats know it.

Would I vote for her?  Yes, if I have a chance. If experience is a pre-requisite, what about Obama??

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3rd December 2009


The primary yardstick used to gauge the depth of the current recession is the unemployment  rate.  A year or so ago it hovered between 7 and 7.5 %. Responding to that urgent problem, Obama and his advisory team came up with a Stimulus package priced at about $800,ooo,ooo,000. That’s right  –  $800 Billion. During the past year, the unemployment rate has surged to 10.2 %.  Obviously the Stimulus package has been a disastrous flop. Whatever became of the “shovel ready” projects?? Now, some of his Democratic  supporters are talking about a Stimulus II  —  you know, when in doubt, throw more money at it. In trying to justify the 2008 Stimulus package, the reports of job creation (and/or job saving) have been downright laughable, including job creation in phantom non-existent  Congressional districts. Yoo-hoo, anyone driving this train??

Even left wing economists concede that real job creation rests with small businesses. The economy doesn’t await the IBMs and Chevrons to hire thousands of new employes. Rather, the prime mover is thousands of small businesses hiring 5-10-20 people or so apiece.  Doesn’t it make senses to help small business owners instead of imposing more and more burdensome taxes on them? Instead of impressive rhetoric, a few pro business measures might be the real stimulus that is needed.

Are you listening, Mr Prez??

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