21st April 2010


Make no mistake, Prez Obama is formidable political figure –   he is youthful, energetic, well spoken, television talented, knowledgeable, and has PR savvy.  But if you put all of his considerable talents together they fall well short of quality experience, leadership, and common sense. Certainly his efforts at personal command of foreign policy has fallen flat. With all of the hoopla over Hillary as SecState, we might ask, “What does she do?” while Obama globe trots.

With all of that, he clearly does have one great talent  –  Spending huge amounts of money  –  someone else’s money  –  with scant attention paid to mere details like paying for his grandiose programs. At the base level of his schemes is a thorough knowledge of how to get his hands on lots of money. Three main ways. 1) Printing money  2) borrowing money 3) taxing citizens

Printing money …….   see US Mint

Borrowing  …….    see China

Taxes  …….  see Citizens of USA

The ABCs of  the Obama Administration.  No secrets here.  Most of us dislike 4 letter words like….”debt”, but not Obama. “Spending” is his priority. His flowery speeches are taking us down a very worrisome path. And are we safer under his military policies?  Not as far as I can see!!

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