Feeling hot or cold??

20th October 2009

Feeling hot or cold??

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Ten -twenty years ago, Academicians were all concerned about the approach of some kind of mini-ice age  –  the prospect of global cooling.  And these theorems were strongly supported by some of the more pre-eminent scientists in the US.  Of course it all fizzled and then among came Al Gore. Now all the rage is global warming.   And you can just see Obama licking his chops at the prospect of  Cap and Trade to satisfy his Green buddies.  Congress will be starting the legislative (spending) process soon. In this day and age, what is another $100 Billion or so?

But aren’t we getting the cart before the horse. It seems to me that there are two separate threshold questions to be answered before we plunge off the deep end of the pool.  First, is the planet really warming, and if so, at what rate? Second, is the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere man induced or not?  If we can get consensus on Q 1 then we can proceed to Q2. But until we can sensibly agree on Q1, why should we contemplete major expenditures on Q 2? With a shaky economy, we don’t need another  big wild goose chase.  Is any big CO2  expenditure really prudent right now?  And what if we launch a huge spending program and the rest of the world says Ho-hum and good luck.

I do not have much confidence in our Prez when it come to spending $Trillions.

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