No Kidding; it’s true

28th October 2009

No Kidding; it’s true

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For the past 5-6 decades the print media in the USA included prominent daily newspapers from virtually every major city in the country. The Wall Street Journal had only a modest circulation among the New York City financial types and didn’t come close to circulation comparisons with the big City papers. Last week it was announced that the WSJ had passed USA Today and now has the widest and largest circulation of any newspaper in the country. I have subscribed to the WSJ for many years but I had no idea that it had grown that much. For many years I have been convinced that the editorial pages of the WSJ are the best in the US and it is gratifying to see that so many folks now have access the WSJ editorialists. In days of Obamanomics we need quality input to matters of National and International import. Personally, my breakfast consists of coffee, the WSJ and food — in that order. Who would ever have imagined that the WSJ could achieve such nationwide prominence without either a Comics section or a Sports page.
No kidding — it’s true. Maybe there is still hope to avoid the slide to socialism.

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