30th October 2009


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George Bush was not a very popular President — at least as judged by most of the mass media. He suffered harsh criticism and even ridicule by some of the evening TV spokesmen. But he didn’t lash out at the media people or political spokesmen. He was not a whiner or an attack dog. He kept his cool with a statesman-like demeanor and a thick hide.
Not so with our current President who has a thin skin and a big ego. Obama thinks the role of the media is to praise his rhetoric and support his programs. To him, it is unthinkable for the media to question his programs, motives, or leadership.
Then along comes Fox news with a different take on his administration. They (Fox)have the temerity to question his leadership and his programs. He does not like to be labeled as Barack the Big spender, nor does he enjoy being accused of ducking tough decisions. His thin skin is showing puncture wounds that clever phrases can’t hide or disguise. So now he has declared war on Fox news.
I enjoy Fox — it is refreshing and it tackles areas that the Big Media passes over. Personally, I think Obama will rue the day he attacked the press — when some of the other guys will turn on him.
Can’t buy your way out of this one, and people are beginning to see thru the fancy words.
Score : Fox 3 Obama 1

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