20th January 2010


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In  1954 a hit movie starring actress Judy Garland was “A star is born”. I don’t recall much about the movie, but the title registered with me and I have recalled it on occasion over the years. The most recent occasion was the appearance of Sarah Palin at the 2007 Republican Convention . She appeared as a relative stranger and over night became a household name.  She reinvigorated the Republicans and presented an unexpected force (challenge) to Obama and the Democrats who quickly undertook the task of trying to destroy her. That effort continues today via the hostile left wing press and media. However, her messages resonate among a healthy segment of the political population and her visibility remains high (see book sales).  In the 2012 elections she will be a force. Her star has been born and is thriving.

Now a new star has been born.  Scott Brown.  His huge win in Massachusetts  has catapulted him onto the front pages of newspapers and magazines all over the country. He has all of the attributes of  a successful candidate and a well spoken leader. Good looking, good vocabulary, good presence of mind, good sense of humor, and well versed on the issues of the day. For sure, a star has been born in Massachusetts. I wonder if Ted Kennedy is turning over in his grave.

Want to take any bets that both Sarah and Scott will be on the podium at the 2012 Republican convention?? The only thing better than a new star is two new stars.

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