11th December 2009


Back in the days of the cold war there was a favorite term used to describe politicians who equivocated or vacillated on key issues in dealing with the USSR.  These are the folks who talked tough and then hid from the hard facts that could not be ignored. They said all of the right things and were very “hawk-like” until it came to decision time. Then they “chickened out”.  Hence came the term “chicken hawks “.

In watching our Prez and listening to his rhetoric, I think it is time to dust off the chicken hawk nomenclature and pin a badge of feathers on his lapel. When the first duty of  the President is to secure the welfare of the country and its citizens it is not too comforting to have a chicken hawk sitting in the White House.

Back in the 60s and 70s the chicken hawks were confident that we could negotiate our way around, through, or over any international issue.  Sound familiar?? All we need is a good microphone and sound batteries. Obama might think that the verbal skills of Churchill and FDR made all the difference in winning WWII.  Sure,  —that plus the willingness to commit an Army, Navy and Air Force  —  and the decision  to use them.

Do you really think that we can pursuade the Iranians, Koreans, etc.,  to give up their nukes??  Why should they believe Obama?  Based on events to date, would you?? If we eventually have some kind of showdown, who will be the first to blink?  Maybe the Prez should check the oddsmakers in Las Vegas.

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