4th December 2009


Sarah Palin arrived on the national political scene at the 2008 Republican Convention last fall and made an immediate impact on the political scene  –  particularly among women.The Obama camp was caught flat-footedand had an immediate strategy council meeting to decide what to do about Sarah. Almost immediately the game plan was to destroy Sarah.  With no holds barred, the targets were Sarah, her spouse, her family, her kids, her role as Governor of Alaska, her education, etc etc.  Anything and everything. The attack dogs of the major media were turned loose.  Simple objective  –  Destroy Sarah.

As a part-time stay at home political junkie, I have followed with interest the skirmishes between Sarah and the major media gurus over the past year, including the past 3 months in which she has re-emerged as a major voice on the national scene, to say nothing of her new book recently published with great success. While I understand the strategy of the Democrats,  the harshness and viciousness of the media assaults are hard to accept. She is attractive, well spoken, knowledgeable, and a far cry from the political destructiveness of the left wingers. Clearly, her messages have  resonated strongly with voters of all persuasions on the major issues of the day. Will she seek high office next year?  Probably not. Will she speak out to endorse candidates of her preferences?  Undoubtedly, yes.  Does she have political ambitions?  Yes, no doubt. Can she win the Presidency?  Doubtful. But she will be a powerful force in any national election, and the Democrats know it.

Would I vote for her?  Yes, if I have a chance. If experience is a pre-requisite, what about Obama??

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