17th October 2010


Back in my formative years an unmistakable symbol of masculinity was blue jeans. All the guys had them and wore them on virtually all occasions.  Aside from military garb, these were the “he-man” outfits. Then it suddenly dawned on the apparel marketing gurus that the industry was overlooking  –  or ignoring  –  more than 50%  of the potential jeans market —-  women.

The advertising plans came quickly and the era of women wearing jeans arrived.  The marketing and advertising were both spectacularly successful and now we see women wearing jeans everywhere  –  schools, malls, grocery stores, movies, professional offices, hospitals,  stadiums, airlines,  —–  everywhere. there is no end in sight. Men still wear jeans, but increasingly jeans  are seen as female attire. But in all of this change I see no evidence of inquiry as to whether the female physique is really suited to jeans.  I am a skeptic.  Maybe 40 % could pass a basic test, but not the remainder. For most women, the jeans waistline looks more like a storage zone for Ford 250 tires, and the view from the rear looks like  two cats fighting in a gunny sack.  I will concede that for slender  ladies with an hour glass figure and a firm fanny, jeans are a winner. For the others it is a losing battle.

Now I am beginning to wonder what we will do with hundreds of thousands or millions of pairs of jeans when the fashions change. Pity the third world  people dealing with all of those used jeans. With his fancy to be more like the man in the street, do you think that Obama will start to show up in  jeans at press conferences?? Somehow, he does not strike me as a Wrangler or Levis kind of guy. Of course he still doesn’t react to good advice when he gets it.  Never know!

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