Obama decision making

2nd July 2010

Obama decision making

     Long before the Obama tsunami washed over John McCain in the fall of  ‘o8, his political skills and talents were well recognized.  But while conceding youth and verbal skills there remained serious reservations about his experience (or lack thereof) in  foreign affairs, economics, military matters and government spending  — and if anything, those reservations have been heightened over the past year. It seems as though anything he touches turns to mud.  His track record in both the Illinois legislature and the US Senate is very revealing. In both arenas, he has disdained Yes/No decisions and has opted to vote “present” . It seems to me that voting “present” is just one step short of “form a committee” or” hire a consultant.”  For sure it does not qualify as making a decision.   In thinking back to my academic years, there was an old adage that  said “never trust a politician who ducks tough issues by voting “present”.

      Come to think of  it, I don’t know whether it qualifies as an old political adage or not. But if it doesn’t, it should.  We don’t have to look far for proof.

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