Obama health care

21st March 2010

Obama health care

At 8:40 PST on 3/28/10 Obama and his henchmen committed this country to a long one way road to socialized medicine. If you like bigger government, higher taxes,  higher insurance premiums, and higher medical bills, you will love it. He got it done via legislative chicanery, arm twisting, political bribery, and just plain threats. Now we will get a full treatment of flowery rhetoric.  And the word “socialism” will not appear. but that is what it is.  The last step was a couple of Executive Orders which amount to nothing.  Rep. Bart Stupak took the bait on the abortion issue and now we’ll have to wait and see how Obama weasels out of that commitment. Moral of the story  …  tomorrow means nothing. Only today counts.

     Stupak might think about that.    Obama has the votes and Stupak might wind up with a n empty bag. Next comes jobs, jobs and jobs. Despite all the fancy words, there is no such thing as a “job” until someone hires someone to perform a given task.  I wonder if it ever occurs to Obama et al, that the best way to get someone hired is to create an employment  environment favorable to  employers.  The answer certainly is not more regulations and heavier taxes from the heavy hand of government. Most people understand that, but Washington???

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